What is Gnonlin?

Gnonlin is a set of GStreamer elements to ease the creation of non-linear multimedia editors. It works together with the GStreamer multimedia framework to give developers a powerfull and flexible set of tools for quickly assembling applications which needs to handle non-linear multimedia editing. Gnonlin is released under the LGPL.

Gnonlin was originally created by Wim Taymans. Is it now maintained by Edward Hervey.


Sat May 5th
Gnonlin 0.10.8 release is out. Release details here.
Mon Nov 27th
Gnonlin 0.10.6 release is out. Release details here.
Thu Jul 20th
Gnonlin 0.10.5 release is out featuring thread-safety fixes. Release details here
Thu Apr 6th
Gnonlin 0.10.1 release is out featuring many bugs/memleaks fixes. Release details here
Mon Feb 20
Gnonlin has switched to the 0.10 GStreamer series. The CVS is now hosted on along with GStreamer.
GNonLin at SourceForge