Developer Information

Documentation is to be found on the Documentation page.

Developers are welcome to:

  • Contribute to the core library.
  • Write plugins for GStreamer.
  • Correct existing GStreamer plugins for correct use with Gnonlin.
  • Write applications using Gnonlin and GStreamer.
  • Write a lot of language bindings.
  • Contribute to the documentation.
  • Build test cases.

IRC Discussions

The developers tend to live in IRC on FreeNode, in #gstreamer.

CVS access

You can get information on accessing Gnonlin's CVS archives on the GStreamer developer's page, or skip directly to the CVS browser.

Developers will be added to the project for write access as necessary. For all other changes, please contact the gstreamer-devel list with a patch (cvs diff -u).

GNonLin at SourceForge